Sandra Schmirler Foundation

Sandra Schmirler Foundation

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Members of the Stettler Curling Club, SHSF Board, Stettler town council and Mark Birtles of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation (SSF) gathered at the Stettler Curling Rink for the ceremonial presentation of $10,000 from the SSF to SHSF. The money was made possible through the Curling club’s hosting of the Jiffy Lube Alberta Scottie’s ladies curling event last year. It will be used entirely to purchase a vital signs monitor for the Panda warmer that newborns are put in when born at the Stettler Hospital.


On January 23 to 27, 2019 Stettler Curling Club hosted the Scotties Tournament of Hearts at the Stettler Recreation Center. As a result of hosting this event the Curling Club contacted the Stettler Health Services Foundation to see if they could apply for a grant for the upcoming equipment requirements needed for the new Labour and Delivery suites slated to be completed in March 2020. This renovation is part of the $9.3 million renovation project by Alberta Health Services.

We are pleased to announce that the Stettler Health Services Foundation received a $10,000 grant from the Sandra Schmirler Foundation to be used toward the purchase of two Physiological Monitors that are required for the two Panda warmers for the Labour and Delivery suites.

In the last two years the Stettler hospital has experienced 389 births, which included 105 C-Sections, three babies under 34 weeks, a set of twins at 29 weeks and 10 babies between the 34 – 36-week gestation period. Of these patients they transferred out 13 babies via STARS to the appropriate neonatal units in larger centers. Stettler Hospital services a large rural area from Stettler to the Saskatchewan border, so for many it is the first point of medical help they can receive when in a crisis or at time of delivery.

All newborns in the Stettler hospital use the Panda warmer. Several receive respiration resuscitation and most babies that are transferred out are intubated and vented.

Currently they have to use a mobile physiological monitor unit as the Panda does not have the monitor attached. This is a problem as the mobile takes up space and is often in use.  This is why we are planning to purchase two physiological monitors for the Pandas. We have one Panda and are hoping to buy the second one through Foundation fundraising.

Both our Foundation and the hospital staff are very grateful to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation for the grant we received from the Scotties event hosted here in Stettler and we are excited to announce a presentation at the Ladies Curling evening on November 19, 2019 at 8:30 pm at the Stettler Curling Rink. Members of the public, curling club members and Foundation representatives are invited to this event.

This marks a significant contribution towards the $650,000 that the Stettler Health Services Foundation is committing to raising for the equipment and furnishings required for the newly renovated spaces at the Stettler Hospital Complex for the Labour and Delivery suites and the Emergency Departments.


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